In this controversial novel, award-winning author Ron Hevener delivers to his readers a bold and daring commentary on today's changing society. At a time when heroes are falling all around us, there is hope. “Don't be afraid,” he says. “You are strong. You are great. You are beautiful. The powers that be can not take away what you love . . . unless you let them.

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Pennywood Press

They were dog lovers:
souls who believed in right and wrong in a world of twisted politics and a society gone mad. They were the last holdouts of American sentimentality.
Dreamers and winners.
As long as they had their dogs,
they had a chance.
As long as they had each other,
they weren’t alone.

”“Skillfully written.... As a sportswriter covering parimutuel racing for more than 45 years, I heartily recommend this work of passion for the Greyhound.”
-- Saul Durst
Publisher, The Northern Star Magazine

“THIS LONG-OVERDUE dose of truth sets the record straight...Readers will come away with an understanding that there is a colossal difference between animal welfare and animal rights.”
-- Kip Keefer
President, Greyhound Racing Association of America