Green Alchemy Farm actively pursues research in sustainable agriculture, i.e. organic cultivation techniques with sunflowers or organic wormers, and hope to add to the greater organic community.

At Green Alchemy Farm we have involved Sustainability in our everyday existence. We grow our own vegetables and fruits and preserve them by canning, freezing, drying, and fermenting. Our meats are raised on organic pasture, may it be chickens or turkeys in poultry “tractors”, or Berkshire pork or grass-fed Limousin Beef.

This is a custom website design and development project that includes research, store, renewable energy projects specifically for the farm. The site designed  for the specific needs of Green Alchemy Farm’s content, services, and website representation.

Original Launch: 2012
Industry: Farm
Key Audience: Sustainable agriculture, renewable energy
Location: Berks County, Pennsylvania

Project Type: Website Design & Development